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"They wanted a thousand drummers. That was it"

David West over at musicradar reports on the three people who brought us together and taught us all the grooves we needed to know. Of course, more than three people were involved overall but Ralph Salmins, Mike Dolbear and Paul Clarvis were the three main drummers behind the process of training us volunteers.

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ABOUTPandemonium Drummers

The Pandemonium Drummers were originally put together by London 2012 Ceremonies for the Pandemonium segment of Danny Boyle's spectacular Olympic Opening Ceremony. Following the Ceremony, the volunteer drummers kept on performing at a variety of events.

Based on their extensive training, they performed at other Opening Ceremonies, including the UEFA Champions League Final 2013, the FA Cup Final 2014, and the Heineken Cup Final 2014, and at a variety of large and small festivals as well as sports and community events. The Pandemonium Drummers are a returning act in London's major parades, including the London New Years' Day Parade, St Patrick's Day Parade, and the Lord Mayor's Show, and they coined Cheer Drumming, supporting runners at major sports events across the capital and beyond. The Pandemonium Drummers have supported the Special Olympics, the Teenage Cancer Trust, and a wide range of other charities.

The Pandemonium Drummers are a constituted association with charitable aims, and are working on a non-profit basis as volunteers.

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  1. Could you post pictures of Ralph and Paul? I probably saw them, but only remember Mike and Rick.

    Russell #941

    1. Hi Russell,

      Mike has a photo of both Paul and Ralph on his website at:

      Ralph has grown his hair since, though!


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