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Community events, parades, festivals, happenings, specatulars, stadium performances.
We started life as the Volunteer Drummers in the London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony.
Big developments ahead in the coming months!

Champion - Quotes


What people say about Champion...

Felix Buxton, Producer and member of the internationally known duo Basement Jaxx, said:
It was my absolute pleasure to get involved in this project. I met the Pandemonium Drummers when they became part of a Peace Concert I put together to promote ‘Peace One Day’ in September. I was impressed by their spirit and that they were very much a band of the people, of all ages and backgrounds, merrily banging their buckets and dustbins together to create a joyous noise. 
I was glad to be involved as the song is for a worthwhile charity that is active in helping and healing young people. The song features two individuals who have themselves been struck by cancer and the song is written by one of the drummers who was seeking to capture the spirit of unity he felt being a volunteer as part of the Olympic Ceremony in 2012.
Frank Cottrell-Boyce, Writer of the London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony said:
I’m a friend of the Pandemonium Drummers! In that song it says the adventure starts when you believe and it was the Pandemonium Drummers who started to help me to believe. Believe in the Pandemonium Drummers – they fly like arrows and fall like rain!
Tracey Seaward (Producer) and the Creative Team of the London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony said:
Roll on PANDEMONIUM ....your commitment makes us proud and may your drums be heard far and wide...we need you more than ever.  So happy to support your rallying call for the Teenage Cancer Trust.
Reflecting on his experience at London 2012’s Opening Ceremony, Denis Fernando, Songwriter and Pandemonium Drummer who features in the BBC1 Documentary One Night in 2012 said:
The Opening Ceremony was inspiring, uplifting, bold and courageous. Rather than a piece of history, it feels more relevant today than ever. It was a transformative experience that I cannot forget. Champion is inspired by what it was like to be at the centre of the Opening Ceremony, but its words are for everyone. The London Games showed us at our best with our arms wide open as the world watched, and this is a joyous celebration of that spirit.
Kate Collins, Director of Fundraising & Marketing, Teenage Cancer Trust said:
Music is at the heart of Teenage Cancer Trust and the young people we support. We’re so grateful to Felix, the Pandemonium Drummers, Gina and Melissa and everyone else who was involved in the making of the track. It is particularly special as it is dedicated to the inspirational Stephen Sutton, who was made the only Honorary Pandemonium Drummer back in 2013. 
At the moment, for every young person Teenage Cancer Trust is able to reach, there’s another we can’t. This must change. Funds raised from the sales of the track will help us take a step closer to being able to support every young person with cancer who needs us.
Tim Neumann, Chair of the Pandemonium Drummers said:
Four years after our inception, we keep hitting remarkable milestones. Champion is our first single and music video, and it’s a culmination of everything we stand for: teamwork, enthusiasm, confidence, and trust. We are immensely grateful to the individuals and groups for trusting us and for sharing their passion to make this project happen.
Champion is a song that reunites you with your inner belief in yourself. This song is stronger than hope – it is a definite affirmation that working together makes us bigger, better and stronger.
Melissa Cavanagh, Lead Vocalist on Champion:
I'm so proud to be a part of this new single for Teenage Cancer Trust and alongside the amazing Pandemonium Drummers from the 2012 Olympics, Felix from Basement Jaxx, Vula Malinga, Brendan Reilly, the beautiful Gina Maloney and many more wonderful, talented humans! 
Vula Malinga, Lead Vocalist on Champion:
So happy & honoured to be a part of this! 
Jane Sutton, Mother of Stephen Sutton MBE to whom the song is dedicated:
The Pandemonium Drummers have brought together the spirit of Stephen's Story and the spirit of London 2012 to celebrate the 'Champion' in us all. 
Reactions from Listeners and Viewers:
"Brilliant! My new start the day song!" - "Amazing, it's wonderful to see how this has evolved and is continuing to evolve after four years." - "It truly is an uplifting song and the video is just perfect." - "A charity single for TCT that's actually rather nice" - "A catchy uplifting single" - "I was thinking of Champion, while in the ambulance hooked up to oxygen and an ECG" - "I'm going to be doing my 1st ever charity bike ride in October for Rowecroft Hospice. I've already added Champion to my playlist for inspiration" - "Purchased it twice because of the great cause" - "Bought it in 30 seconds! Really great song and catchy chorus."
Emma Samms, Actor (Dynasty, General Hospital):
I LOVE that the London 2012 Opening Ceremony drummers are still playing and they have a fab single for Teenage Cancer Trust!
Craig Brown CBE, former Scotland Manager:
This is a fantastic song - there are champions everywhere and in all walks of life. Support London 2012 drummers & volunteers in keeping the spirit going, buy this and help Teenage Cancer Trust! 

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