Welcome to the Pandemonium Drummers!

Charitable amateur performance group of ordinary people doing extraordinary things:

Community events, parades, festivals, happenings, specatulars, stadium performances.
We started life as the Volunteer Drummers in the London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony.
Big developments ahead in the coming months!

Champion - Credits

Champion by
Pandemonium Drummers & Friends

Charity beneficiary: Teenage Cancer Trust
Released on Atlantic Jaxx Recordings
Release date: 27 July 2016

Project Team Coordinators
Denis Fernando
Rob Blakemore, Tim Neumann, Jan Pearson

Pandemonium Drummers Creative Team and Committee
Tim Neumann (Chair), Caroline Smith (Vice Chair), Jan Pearson (Secretary), Sally Maxwell (Treasurer), Dan Spence, Dave Natriss, Deb Parsons, Gary Biggs, Howard Kemp, Jaynie Larnie, Louise Port, Martin Hissey, Mary Impey, Neil Goulder, Paul Hurford, Rob Blakemore, Steve Ball, Vera Yu

Teenage Cancer Trust
Angie Jenkison, Kate Collins, Ruth Law, Lauren Ilsley, Stephen Holland, Dan Smyth

Thanks to Jane Sutton

Music Production:

Composer & Original Programming: 
Denis Fernando

Produced by: 
Felix Buxton of Basement Jaxx

Lead Vocals:
Brendan Reilly, Vula Malinga, Melissa Cavanagh, Gina Maloney

Charlotte Aldhouse, Victoria Baldwin, Gary Biggs, Rob Blakemore, Susan Brown, Denis Fernando, Stefan Hale, Christine Houghton, Paul Hurford, Mary Impey, Helen Isaacs, Beverley Jordan, Lilly Kambo, Jaynie Larnie, David Lockwood, Shaun Maguire, Sally Maxwell, Simon  Mooney, Tim Neumann, Margaret Ngui, Sarah O'Brien, Deb Parsons, Jan Pearson, Louise Port, Caroline Smith, Barry Smyth, Dan Spence, Emma Stoffer, Rhona Stokes, Peter Stone

Background Vocals:
Rebecca Amissah, Kate Hayes (Gospel Essence)
Joanne Bell, Sue Augusta (London House Cats)
Lyn Lua, Deb Parsons (Vision)
Denis Fernando, Tim Neumann, Sarah O'Brien, Simon Porter, Caroline Smith (Pandemonium Drummers)
Lauren Ilsley (Teenage Cancer Trust)

Children's Choir:
Hackney Council's Young Hackney

Recording Engineers:
Moritz Kerschbaumer, Neil Tollitt

Programming & Arrangement:
Felix Buxton, Duncan Brown

Additional Programming & Arrangement:
Simon Porter, Tim Neumann

Mixdown and Editing:
Duncan Brown

Stuart Hawkes

Recorded at Premises Studio A, Hackney, London
Mixed at The Dairy, Brixton, London

Video Production:

Claira Vaughan

Post Olympic Dance Group (POD)
London 2012 Ceremonies Volunteers

Elite Squad London
Daniel Everitt-Lock, Luay Bailey (Everlock Productions)
Kaspar Films
Olga Koroleva, Thomas A. Moore, Frances Freeman, Sherice Griffiths, Becky Higgs, Katharine McGuigan

Design & Branding:
Dan Spence

Website & Social Media:
Tim Neumann, Vera Yu

Press & PR:
Freya Van Lessen, Denis Fernando, Jan Pearson, Rob Blakemore, Louise Port, Destiny Michelle, Helen Isaacs, Charlotte Aldhouse, Dave Natriss, Derek Moore, Tim Neumann, Lynne Walsh

The Premises Cafe, Administration
Brigade Hall Harrow, Rehearsal
Pineapple Studios, Choreography

Special thanks to:
Lynne Walsh, Nanette Rigg


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